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How to use AI to create videos

Hello everyone, welcome back! I’m Veronica Apollyon, and today I'm going to walk you through how to use AI to create videos. I previously spoke about using AI to create a music video, but today I'd like to talk about how you can use one of these generators to create a unique video. For this blog post, we are going to use the nostalgic style of 1950s Panavision which is being popular on Youtube. You will learn how to use ai to create videos of a modern movie concept and transform it into a vintage masterpiece. See below for the type of video we will be making. You can find more like this on this YouTube channel.

Overview of 1950s Panavision Cameras and Style

Before starting this tutorial, let's talk about the 1950s Panavision Cameras and the style that defined a generation of cinema. The 1950s marked a transformative period in cinema, largely due to Panavision's innovative cameras and lenses. Introduced in 1954, Panavision revolutionized filmmaking with its 35mm film and anamorphic lenses, enabling wide-screen movies with enhanced resolution and clarity. The Panavision style is characterized by its wide-screen format, vibrant color palettes, and deep focus, keeping both foreground and background elements sharp. Panavision's influence set the stage for the modern blockbuster, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

Panavision dominated the golden years of Hollywood, with images like this one being the norm
Panavision cameras and style dominated the golden years of Hollywood. Images like these capture the essence of the style

Crafting the Script and using ai to create videos

To begin making using ai to create videos in this style, you need a compelling script. You can write one traditionally or use an LLM like ChatGPT to generate a draft. For example, if you wanted to create a 1950s-style trailer a movie such as "The Terminator." You'd want to prompt ChatGPT with a simple idea, such as a 1950s parody of "Create a script for The Terminator set in the 1950s panavision style." It is important to change and refine the script to better fit your vision

Creating Voiceovers for the ai video

Next, we'll need a voiceover. Eleven Labs is the perfect companion for this purpose. This platform offers a variety of voices that can give your project that classic cinematic feel. Select a voice, input your dialogue that you generated using ChatGPT or other methods, and generate the speech. Harrison - Deep and Cinematic is perfect for this style, you can also use their voice cloning to create a new voice based on an 1950s narrator.

Adding Music

Music is crucial for setting the mood for this style. Udio and Suno allow you to generate era-appropriate music that will enchance your film. Simply input the style you’re aiming for, and these tools will create music that fits perfectly with your 1950s theme.

Generating Visuals

To create the visuals for the ai to create videos in the 1950s panavision style, MidJourney is the typical go-to tool. You want to use a detailed prompt to generate your images based on the idea that you have. "1950s Panavision style.” or "1950s panavision stock footage" are two ways to get MidJourney to create images in this style. The key is to include specific details about the film stock, time period, and desired cinematographic quality.

The prompt "1950s super panavision 70 film stock, a couple at a diner in love, sharing a milkshake" with MidJourney was used to create this image
The prompt "1950s super Panavision 70 film stock, two people sharing a milkshake, at a diner, in love" was used in MidJourney to generate this stylistic image

Animating Images

To bring your images to life, use Pika Labs. Attach your selected image and input any negative prompts to fine-tune the output. You can find a complete Pika Labs beginners tutorial on their website. You can adjust motion strengths and other settings to get the best result. In addition to Pika Labs, you can also animate your images using RunwayML for this step. This step often involves a lot of trial and error, but Pika Labs’ unlimited plan makes it easy to experiment until you’re satisfied.

Editing the Film

Once you have your audio and visual elements, it’s time to compile everything using a video editor. The video editor for the ai video does not matter, Capcut is sufficient at this. Layer the voiceover, music, and animations. Adding effects like vinyl crackling and colour correction can enhance the vintage look. If an animation is too static, try reversing the speed to add a dramatic effect or try increasing the speed to make the image more lifelike. For example, if the movement in your animation is neutral, reversing it can create a more engaging visual. There are other things you can do to put further emphasis on type of video you are using AI to create. To complete the vintage aesthetic, add film and dust overlays. This can further enhance the retro feel of your film. Adjusting the color correction can also help achieve the desired 1950s look. Adding relevant time period sound effects can also be an effective way of emphasising this style, such as a sound effect of a 1950s car. Finally, try adding a voice adjustment to the narrator to give it more of a vintage and nostalgic film.


Thank you for joining me on this journey to on how use AI to create videos. We've explored how to harness AI tools to craft a vintage masterpiece, from generating scripts and voiceovers to creating visuals and animations. By leveraging platforms like ChatGPT, Eleven Labs, MidJourney, and Pika Labs, you can achieve the authentic look and feel of 1950s cinema. With careful editing, including music and effects, you can transform a modern movie concept into a nostalgic film. I hope this guide inspires you to blend technology and creativity in your projects. Stay tuned for more tutorials, and happy creating!


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