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As Veronica Apollyon, I create music videos and video essays that reflect these principles. My content includes:


Music Videos: I produce original music inspired by multiple themes. My music videos blend traditional sounds with visual storytelling and next generation AI technology, capturing the essence of past eras using current technology. From classical compositions to folk tunes, my music videos celebrate the rich musical heritage of different cultures and time periods.


Video Essays: I create in-depth explorations of multiple themes. These video essays analyze and discuss how family, community, and integrity have shaped societies throughout history. I delve into topics such as the current state of the music industry, influential figures, and the current society, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of our shared past.

Music Videos.

Discover the magic of music videos crafted by Veronica Apolloyn. Combining artistic vision with technical expertise, I create music videos.

Video Essays.

Are you looking for captivating, well-researched video essays that resonate with you? Look no further! I, Veronica Apolloyn, specialise in creating high-quality video essays that inform, entertain, and inspire on a range of critical areas.

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