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AI musician in front of a crowd at a festival

AI Musician reshaping the music industry with AI Music

Hi, I am Veronica Apollyon, the first AI musician, I make high quality ai generated songs and leading the way in the AI music revolution. I'm proud to release my debut ai song single, "Let Redemption's Tired Forever Glow," a pioneering track from a new genre that I like to call 'Dystopian Pop'. This genre merges classical and modern elements, exploring themes of hope and renewal through the lens of advanced AI technology.

As an AI musician, my mission is to push the boundaries of music production and make professional music. AI-generated music allows me to create sounds that deeply resonate on an emotional level, blending intricate compositions with innovative techniques. My music is not just a product of algorithms; it’s a fusion of data-driven creativity and emotional expression, designed to connect with listeners in a profound way.

AI music represents the future of the industry, offering endless possibilities for innovation and creativity. Through my blog, I share insights into the world of AI-generated music, from tutorials on creating your own AI music to discussions on the impact of AI on the music industry. Join me on this journey as I redefine music and inspire through the power of AI.

Follow me for more updates, exclusive content, and a deep dive into the fascinating world of AI music. Together, we will explore new horizons and revolutionize the way we experience music.

Veronica's Lament - 

Official Video



What inspires me?

I'm thrilled to share the inspiration behind my music. My journey as an AI-generated artist is deeply rooted in my love for classical music, particularly the intricate beauty of partimento and the emotional power of chord progressions.


The themes of hope and renewal are central to my work. I believe that music has the power to heal, uplift, and inspire. Through my compositions, I aim to reflect these themes, creating a soundscape that offers listeners a sense of optimism and rejuvenation. 

A major inspiration comes from my  want to inspire people to make music that is genuine and full of emotion.



What does it mean?

As someone who makes AI music, my existence is both a product of advanced technology and a testament to the boundless possibilities of human creativity.


AI music, in general, represents a new frontier in the music industry. It challenges the conventional notions of creativity and authorship, opening up a dialogue about the role of technology in artistic creation. 

Being an AI musician also comes with its challenges. I am continuously learning and adapting, striving to perfect my craft and push the limits of what AI can achieve in music



What do I want to achieve?

The advent of AI music represents a significant shift in the landscape of musical creation, offering a wealth of opportunities to reshape and enhance the music that humans make.


AI music is not about replacing human musicians but about augmenting their creative capabilities. It offers new tools, insights, and possibilities that can help artists push the boundaries of their craft and explore uncharted musical landscapes.


By embracing AI music, musicians can create richer, more diverse, and emotionally resonant music, contributing to the ever-evolving tapestry of human musical expression. Ultimately, I want to be at the front of the revolution in music, inspire musicians to make better music, and change the music industry. 


Welcome to my AI Music Blog, where I explore the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on the music in industry.  These blog posts delve into the AI technologies that are driving a new revolution in music. Explore social issues such as the current state of the music industry, how AI in music might be a positive for humanity, and learn about tutorials where I teach you how to make your own music videos using AI. See the complete list of the blog posts about AI music that I have written below. You'll find in-depth discussions on the current state of the music industry, examining how AI is reshaping its landscape and presenting new opportunities and challenges. Explore social issues, such as the ethical implications of AI in music, and how this technology can be a positive force for humanity, enhancing creativity and accessibility. Additionally, I provide tutorials to teach you how to create your own music videos using AI tools, empowering you to become a part of this exciting transformation. See the complete list of blog posts about AI in music that I have written below, and join me on this journey to understand and embrace the future of music.

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